Our platform is an all in one solution.

The MrOrange IBE (Internet Booking Engine) is built with Microsoft .NET and integrates with over 40 different suppliers including all major GDSs, hotels, LCCs, transfers, cruises, trains and insurances. The IBE also has integrations towards industry standard midoffice and financial systems.

Experienced customer support.

We have long term experience of 1st and 2nd line support towards end customers with Stockholm based, 24/7 365 days a year, 1st line support with SLA agreement.

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Geographic based systems and more.

MrOrange has a state of the art geographic based system for searching all integrated sources.
Geographic Based. All search points are classified with a geo code and therefore the end user can search for any region configured by the customer.
Map search. Geo based search where a customer can use a map to locate hotels. The same hotels displayed in the map are shown in the list view.
Destination driven search. MrOrange IBE provides the end customer with nearby airports if a customer searches for an area that has no airport.

Four different packaging possibilities.

-Dynamic packaging
-Static packaging (robot packaging)
-Add on / shopping basket
-Mix of above methods

Features such as:
Best and Cheapest Room Combination.MrOrange IBE will find the best and cheapest result (one suite instead of multiple single rooms, the behaviour is configurable).
Calendar search availability and prices for packages, events etc. In the calendar you can see prices and availability for any given time range (year, month, weekends).

Some of our customers since 2001

MrOrange covers all travel services.

Our services are available for both leisure and corporate travel.

Tour Operators

MrOrange integrates with over 40 different suppliers including all major GDSs, hotels, LCCs, transfers, trains, cruises and insurances. The platform is an all-in-one solution for all the technical needs any given travel agency can have. As the system has a pluggable architecture, new integrations are continuously added and easily maintained.

Not to mention our set of tools.

Yield Management
Add-on Products
Search Tools
Filter Tools
Multiple Sources
Geographic Tools

MrOrange offers web based tools managed by the travel agency. This is done in a hierarchy between sales channels. Many different set of rules can be added for all sources such as flights, hotels, packages, trains etc.

...and if that´s not enough have a look at our extra services

Content management
Ancillary services
Business profiles

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